the biggest parade ever!

Join thousands of children from around the world for a grand online Lag B’Omer Parade!

A Global Celebration of Jewish children and the power of Mitzvot
Featuring a live concert, entertainment, special guests, surprise raffles and more!

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You be the Star! 

Scroll down to submit a video of yourself to be included in the parade!

Deadline to submit: Thursday May 7th

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in the Tzivos Hashem CKids Brigade. Join the largest and most powerful army in the world, G-ds Army!!


Follow the steps below to prepare an entry into the Biggest parade Ever. It’s easy! 

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Step 1:

Choose a Mitzvah

Click an Icon to find out about a mitzvah


Did you know there are a 613 Mitzvot in the Torah?!
A Mitzvah is a commandment from G-d, it also means connection.
When we do a Mitzvah we create a closer and stronger connection between us and G-d. How special is that?

Now that you chose a Mitzvah- it’s time to include it in your parade! Here are some ideas for how to present your Mitzvah: 

Decorate a Sign: 

  • Print the template for your mitzvah

  • Collect markers, crayons, glitter, glue, paint, tape, watercolors, scissors, felt, fabric and any other easy craft supplies you have at home

  • Decorate and bedazzle your Mitzvah sign

Act out how to do your Mitzvah:

  • Collect props from around your house

  • Practice how to act out your Mitzvah

  • Exaggerate your movement to make it exciting!


Step 2:

Showcase your Mitzvah

Play some music to get your creative juices going!

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Step 3:

Record a video of yourself
marching with your Mitzvah

How to take your video:

  • Hold the camera landscape and make sure YOU are the main focus in the camera frame. We want to see you!​

  • March, skip, hop, jump or ride with your Mitzvah project all the way down your “runway”!

  • Record yourself marching for 15 seconds.

  • Watch the  sample of how your video should look

If you're unable to record a video, you can send a photo instead

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Step 4:

Submit your entry

Submit a Parade Entry!


Upload a Video or Photo of yourself to be entered in a grand raffle and be featured in the Lag B'omer parade!

If you are having difficulty with your submission please email